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New York City

Super Simple DIY Frozen Yogurt

It’s hot here in New York.  Like, awfully, horribly, painfully, apocalyptically hot.  The humidity content is through the roof.  I literally wake …

Giddy shrieks drift through my window

On a musty river of moonlit air

Its damp nostalgia recalling

Capture the Flag at midnight

On the dew-drenched lawn

A charged haze of freedom

On a cloudy night of teenage summer

→ July 23, 2014

Song On Repeat

Do you ever listen to a song on repeat?  Not three or four times, but a hundred? My family is really good …

Overdressed (Halloween Edition)

All my life, I’ve had this one little problem. I always overdress. It’s not intentional, I promise.  Most of the time, I’m …


Does that title remind you of this awesome song from my high school days?  Ah, emotional adolescent memories. Anyway… Due to a …

Holey Flats, Batman!

My mom is going to kill me if she ever reads this blog post. Growing up, I remember her cardinal rule of clothes/accessories …