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SoHo Hot Chocolate Tour

For my Artist Date this week, I took myself on a tour of three renowned hot chocolate establishments in SoHo. And I ended up having quite an adventure, which is of course the whole point of the Artist Date, so I felt compelled to share it with you!

New Year, New View

Last night I rang in the New Year by putting away all my Christmas decorations, reorganizing the living room, and taking a very indulgent spa-like bath. (And then comforting a dog while fireworks went off, but that’s not the part I want to focus on.) And as I was soaking in Epsom salts and listening to my favorite, admittedly very “woo-woo,” spa music, I suddenly started blogging in my head.

September 1st

Twisting, wringing, Plummeting to the earth With no parachute I’ll land on my feet (I always do, though my knees crumble from …

Sometimes I Wonder

Sometimes I wonder what I am doing In a city As I pass a hidden forest And the smell The sweet, fecund …


i can feel it rising the ocean of bilious emptiness sweeping away my peace i thought i’d built on rock it’s these …

By the Lake

beside water’s lap she bows her head alone with herself and her dreams suspended in an afternoon hazy summer sun sighing in …


A breath of family did I feel While hours passed within that meal. The glow of friendship, soft and deep, Into night’s …