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I love knowing what blogs another blogger reads.  It’s like sitting down with tea to get to know each other.  Here are some of the bloggers I’m following.

1.  Celebrity Gossip, Academic Style – Anne Helen Peterson, now a major writer at Buzzfeed, is fun and stimulating to follow.  She tackles gender, media, and celebrity image-making as a journalist and former scholar, and I always come away from her articles thoughtful.  Her “Scandals of Classic Hollywood” series for The Hairpin dives into the lives of screen legends with delightful scholarship, and her Facebook links to articles from around the web keep me on my toes as a feminist.

2. McMansionHell – Hilarious, informative, and brutally honest, this blog breaks down WHY McMansions are so heinous.  Kate Wagner is an architecture enthusiast with a comedian’s voice, and I have legitimately cried laughing at her posts.  For those of you who also mourn the end of Suri’s Burn Book, this is an excellent replacement.

3. YoungHouseLove – For many years my favorite DIY blog, YHL is back!  Granted, John and Sherry Petersik’s posts are infrequent at best, but their blog is also a fabulous reference book for just about anything DIY.  I’m super psyched about their coloring book coming out, too!


4. What Kate Wore – I’m a big fan of the Duchess.  Her grace, style, and poise are just so satisfying to follow!  Maybe one day I’ll actually buy one of the pieces I love so much.

5. It’s not a blog, but I highly recommend Ann Friedman‘s weekly newsletter.  A feminist and freelancer, she sends out a wonderfully curated selection of the best articles of each week, including some of her own.  Bonus: her pie charts are delightfully funny.

6. Extra Petite – I love Jean’s classic style and effortless mix of affordable and designer pieces.  The fact that she keeps an eye out for fashion for us petite women is icing on the cake.  Her foodie travel posts are a delectable bonus.

7. The Producer’s Perspective – Ken Davenport’s a well-respected producer here in New York City, and his concise, direct view into the producing world is both entertaining and educational.

What blogs are you loving on the web these days?

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