I’m Emily, a singer, actor, and audiobook narrator with a strong streak of eclecticism.  I described myself once, in a moment of inspiration:  “Sharp clean lines against soft romantic dreams.  With occasional irreverence.”

About Emily - Gingham and Steel
Yeah, that’s me.

I love wearing beautiful clothes, singing Susannah arias and Rihanna songs in the same breath, getting a free bouncy blow dry, fixing things with my power drill, gardening on the windowsill, losing myself in the worlds of astronomy, calculus, and chemistry, rearranging the furniture for the umpteenth time, beating the boys at Egyptian Rat Screw, and baking some of the moistest cupcakes you’ll ever taste (the secret is flaked coconut – lots of it).

I hate running errands in the rain, not having a kitty to come home to, living far away from my siblings, writing essays, losing two hours of my life to my Facebook news feed, and unemployment.

I am proudly a feminist and definitely feminine, and I don’t see anything contradictory about that.  I have no clue what this blog is about, but then, I don’t know what my life is going to be about, either.  I guess we’ll get there together.

At least it’ll be fun.

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Photography by Taylor Hooper Photography

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