Pinterest Challenge – Use What You’ve Got: Jewelry Board

Use What You've Got - Jewelry Board 4 - Gingham and SteelHi, my name is Emily, and I’m a recovering Pinterest addict.

It started during my days at a desk job, when I’d get SUPER bored and have nothing to do and read endless articles and blogs on the Internet.  Eventually, one of the bloggers I was reading linked to Pinterest, and the scrapbooker in me freaked the heck out.  I could pin endless images?  I could organize them in as many categories as I wanted?  I could scroll through them for eternity?

I know, most of you probably don’t need a rundown of why Pinterest was so phenomenal to me.  Consequently, you’ve probably all experienced some degree of addiction, as well.  Well, it took me several months of Pinterest addiction before I realized that I was pinning, rather than doing – and I wasn’t happy about it.

So began a new attitude towards creativity.  I pushed myself to try more sewing, cooking, and couponing (although the latter was NOT courtesy of Pinterest).  One project in particular caught my eye: a cute hardware board for storing your earrings.  I’ve never had the perfect earring storage; previous solutions have included a fishing tackle box and just stuffing them inside a large necklace gift box for a while.  Neither enabled me to look at everything at once, and nothing was particularly attractive.

Use What You've Got - Jewelry Board 3 - Gingham and SteelSo when I saw this particular pin, I not only pinned it – I started dreaming.  When I went home for Christmas that year, my mother was nice enough to let me cannibalize about ten old hardware boards (she owns Beckony Kitchens & Baths, a lovely kitchen and bath design firm) that she was preparing to throw out – free hardware was a huge score!  And I kind of liked that nothing would really match.

But when I got home with my hardware, months passed.  How did I want to install them?  I wasn’t really sure what would be strong enough other than plywood, but I was hesitant to buy a piece, especially once I realized that it would probably be too thick for the demo screws that came with each piece of hardware.  I didn’t want to spend much money on this project, particularly not on a bunch of screws, and it was starting to be too much work in general – when suddenly, I had a realization.

Several months previously, I’d gotten sick of our disorganized tool box shelf in the front closet and had created a very DIY pegboard out of finishing nails and a piece of particle board I’d yanked off a trashed furniture piece on our curb.  But I had half of that particle board left – would it be strong enough for my fancy, heavy hardware?

Use What You've Got - Jewelry Board 5 - Gingham and SteelIt turned out to be the perfect solution.  The particle board was thin enough to use the demo screws, and it was weak enough for me to “drill” with just a screwdriver and some elbow grease.  (Yes, I have a real drill, but I didn’t know what size the holes would be for the various screws, and a drill seemed like too much commitment!)

So I sat down with a Sharpie, my particle board, and my hardware, laying out a design that I thought would be attractive yet functional.  Then I spent several hours over a couple days drilling my holes.  Unfortunately, blogging was not on my radar at the time, so I have no photos of this process!  But eventually, mercifully (it was surprisingly tedious work), I installed my hardware.  I’d finally done a real Pinterest Challenge!

Use What You've Got - Jewelry Board 1 - Gingham and SteelEventually I’ll pick a fabric and cover it so it’s pretty, but our bedroom is far from “put-together” right now, so it doesn’t matter how ugly it is.  At any rate, I don’t want to commit to a fun fabric until I know what our bedroom will look like, as I don’t want to re-cover it later.  Perhaps once our bedroom is “done”, I’ll even hang it on the wall, like my inspiration – but in the meantime the function is so fabulous, I don’t care.

Of course, most of my earrings are posts, since I can’t wear heavy earrings or most fishhooks.  So my board was sadly naked for quite some time.  Then my sister’s mother-in-law sweetly offered me a whole box of lovely clip-on jewelry from her grandmother.  Presto-changeo!  Overnight, my board went from drab to spectacular.

Use What You've Got - Jewelry Board 2 - Gingham and Steel

So finally, I have my earring solution – an attractive, completely visible, portable board featuring every earring in easy reach.  And I tackled one of my Pinterest dream projects.  Success all around!

(Is it just me, or did this post feel like a commercial?  It’s not!  I just love Pinterest.)

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