The Ruby Princess

Cruise Preparation!

The last time I blogged here at Gingham and Steel, I was an auditioning actor.  I am now a week and a …

Cloudy Night

Giddy shrieks drift through my window

On a musty river of moonlit air

Its damp nostalgia recalling

Capture the Flag at midnight

On the dew-drenched lawn

A charged haze of freedom

On a cloudy night of teenage summer

→ July 23, 2014



I just attempted to Google the following: “help with consistency” My only results were sports commentators on the New York Jets and …


A Quick Note

Sometimes your day job realizes you can do ten more things each day.  Sometimes you’re just so busy reading the amazing pieces …

Record on Repeat

Song On Repeat

Do you ever listen to a song on repeat?  Not three or four times, but a hundred? My family is really good …

Meaning What You Say

Meaning What You Say

There is nothing quite so magical as meaning what you say as an actor. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it?  “I mean …

Halloween Costume

Overdressed (Halloween Edition)

All my life, I’ve had this one little problem. I always overdress. It’s not intentional, I promise.  Most of the time, I’m …